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        The furniture industry in Asia has a long, rich tradition. Before large corporations moved in and turned the region's workforce in to trinket builders, the people of China were master craftsmen. These craftsmen were world renowned for their fine work in stone fired dinnerware, tea and other fine quality goods, including exemplary hand-built furniture. In many parts of Asia, this rich tradition of crafting fine furniture continues. The Web Direct Brands, Inc. team created www.AtHomeinAsia.com to give Americans a unique buying opportunity to create a harmonious and elegant home, find their private treasures, and create an environment of perfection in color and craft. Web Direct Brands, Inc. has put together an efficient distribution system using the marvels of modern technology and transportation to quickly deliver the tasteful art of the region's meticulous craftwork to your home in the U.S. Our team of designers is on the ground at the heart of the 10 mile long Asian furniture market that houses nearly 1000 manufacturers. This congregation of artists bursts forth a never-ending expression of collaborated genius. These furniture crafters do not just repeatedly produce the same piece like modern manufacturers; they learn from the other artists around them and continually innovate. As we meticulously evaluate the level of quality, design and value, we also consider for Green Americans, a certified partner's impact on the local environment and local economy, as well as evaluate safe working conditions.

        For the past several hundred years, fine furniture from Asia has filled the grandeur of royal housemasters throughout the world. Asian craftsmen have created an offering of luxury for kings and magnates. These artists have created steady and splendid furnishings from the five major groups of romantic and passionate furniture, including French, Spanish, Italian, Eastern, and American designs. Additionally, they have created a harmonious interpretation of Classical style with the Neo Classic, Postmodern European, British Jackaven, and Western Cowboy style furniture. Also, we bring to market the ancient art of Asian and Indian furniture adapted for modern times. Modern rattan furniture has gone through a renaissance, a transformation from craft to art; with unbridled passion, we bring this unique area of Asian craftsmanship to the American furniture buyer.

Web Direct Brands, Inc.Web Direct Brands, is an iconic American retailer that never sleeps; we have representatives in all parts of the world working diligently to bring unique products to the American market. With over 100 lines of specialty products, we have the expertise and distribution capabilities to bring product to the internet marketplace. Uncompromising quality is the cornerstone of all Web Direct Brands, Inc. stores and www.AtHomeinAsia.com products. We carefully seek the ideal representation of grandeur and elegance in the products we choose to offer. Although quality is first, it is certainly not the last consideration. Web Direct Brands, Inc. is a socially responsible company that sees value in providing products that do not harm the environment and that are built in "Fair Wage" environments. This commitment to cultural environment is your assurance that the products that you purchase have a positive impact on humankind. With us, your personal style can infuse every detail of your home and coincide with your uncompromising principles.

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